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    All products of Virus Annihilator are coated with the Germagic anti-virus coating that is effective against all germs, bacteria, and viruses for up to 90 days.

    The GERMAGIC™ anti-microbial coating inside our Virus Annihilator. Widely reported by local and international media, Germagic coating is effective in deactivating COVID-19 and SARS upon direct contact for 90 days. The only one of its kind in the market.


    **Please add an additional 33 mm for the top and bottom of the Elevator Button Guard separately when calculating the height of the Elevator Button Guard**

    • Product Specification

      Material: Electrostatic Sheet

      Weight: 50g

      Size: Up to 120(W)x200(H) mm

      In the Box: ELEVATOR BUTTON GUARD (S)x1pc.

    • Delivery Arrangements

      *Not include shipping cost.

      All products will deliver to the address you provided, except for the Post Office Box.

      The delivery frees will be charged based on the payment method and courier company you choose.

      The expected delivery time of the courier company

      SF Express pay by receiver: around 2-4 working days

      Local surface mail: around 4-10 working days

    • Points to Note

      ELEVATOR BUTTON GUARD (S) can be cleaned with water / 1:99 diluted household bleach only.

    • Return policy

      Because of the personal hygiene, no return and no exchange.

    • Disclaimer

      Please open and write down the date on the product within 3 days after purchasing in order to ensure the protection efficiency.

      Remember to replace it after 90 days.


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